Friday, September 11, 2009

The Baseball System

I've always been a big baseball fan, (Milwaukee Brewers my preferred team) but the whole baseball organization is something in my fine interest. Not only do I enjoy the atmosphere it brings, beer, brats and loud fans, but I like how the organization works.

Baseball is known for its "farm system". Each major league team is associated with a AAA team, AA team and A team. And players or 'prospects' as they are called are worked through the system based on their performance. Within the system the major league team is trying to build a player and eventually the goal is to bring that player up through their system and play for that major league team.

Baseball also has trades, free agents and the same business other sports have, but the beauty of this is building a player and rewarding them of their performance.

The Florida Marlins is a good example of using the system. Their minor league system isn't just a 'proving ground' for the 'prospects' but also they send players down from the major team if they are not performing. It's an earned system. These players get paid the big bucks and if they are not doing their job, then they shouldn't be rewarded.

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