Sunday, September 27, 2009

iPhone : Happiness Rectangled

The love of an iPhone is evident today when you glance up to see someone multitasking while waiting for the bus. With all of the updates for the phone (MMS) it is no wonder why this phone is so popular. I find that the simpler a device is, the more possible users. For instance, my technologically un-savvy mother can’t quite make heads or tales of the touch screen (which is a problem when we play Scrabble) but loves the ease that is provided. I can’t say that the touch screen did not take some getting used to, since buttons were a way of life for me. But after a few hours of texting let me tell you how much easier it is for your fingers to glide rapidly over the screen.

One of the best functions the iPhone provides stems from the thousands of applications offered on iTunes. Admittedly I download every free song offered Tuesdays and search the App Store for the latest and greatest and the free apps so my phone is less bare and more colorful on each screen. The reach the app store has is causing problems now for game console makers, greater extent of the details were reported in The New York Times, since a vast majority of people own phones and are likely to play games on the go.

I love the variety from my favorite Scrabble to Assassin’s Creed, which I used to watch my friend play religiously on his PS3. But even more, I appreciate what the competition from Apple is doing to Nintendo, Microsoft X-Box and Sony Playstation. The cost of these consoles, the WII for example, has kept its’ popularity while not needing to lower the cost for sales but with the growing interest in Apple’s applications they are going to lower the cost by a fifth in major markets (yay!). X-Box and Playstation have already lowered their costs, so it is only a matter of watching and waiting to see developments in consoles and software for the systems.

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