Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Michael Jackson

This past summer I had the opportunity to live in Los Angeles.  I was living right across from the UCLA medical center on the UCLA campus.  This was quite the commotion when Michael Jackson passed away. I couldn't believe it when I heard the news.  I was actually out working at the time and didn't know if I would ever make it home with all of the camera crews and what not.  When I finally made it home my roommate and I walked over to the medical center.  People made signs, some were crying, and others being interviewed.  The amount of camera crews were enormous.  To be there when a celebrity, or as he was called "The King of Pop," passed away was really an experience.  The noise of the helicopters overpowered any other sound and the crowds of people at the medial center were larger than ever. Throughout the media we continue to hear about Michael Jackson, but actually being there within the media was something I never thought I would experience. Here I took some photos of this tragic day in Westwood California.  

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