Monday, September 28, 2009


Alright, after the anyone glances at that headline, the reader of this blog has pinned me as nuts or a liar. I swear, I am neither. I am reading The Onion, of course! The publication never fails to make me laugh and smirk, but this article paticularly hit my interest seeing as I am a JMC Strat Comm major. Pepsi end all of its advertising efforts to give to charities and the factory employees? Impossible. Everybody knows the glorious advertising campaigns Pepsi has been through. The Super Bowl advertisments with Britney Spears cost millions just to air, let alone actually produce.

The article, however, does make a true point about advertising. It jokes on how there is no 'Cola War' and if people choose Coke products over Pepsi, so what? After all, as the article states, it is about the taste not the advertisments, right? I am a loyal Coke drinker. I always order 'Diet Coke' at a restaurant and feel disappointed when the waiter or waitress comes back with 'actually...we have Pepsi products, is that okay?'. Not really, no. I mean, I like Britney Spears, and Pepsi has had some pretty cool advertisments that I have spent time watching and thinking about, but really...I want my Diet Coke. It does come down to the taste for me, and probably for millions of other regular cola drinkers. I can't go a day with out cracking open a Diet Coke right after my coffee in the morning (I need my caffine), and then continue to have three or four more cans before I finally hit the sack, and that's on a weekday. I have actually had been brought a PITCHER of Diet Coke at a restaurant once, because I had so many free re-fills. While being a DD at a bar the bartender actually went ahead and filled the largest beer stein with Diet Coke for me and joked that thank god there isn't Captain in that Diet Coke. Point is, it is about flavor for me. In REALLY tight situations, when I can barely pay the rent, I purchase Pepsi if it is cheaper. I am a loyal customer of Diet Coke, but I also would like to not get evicted. This article does have it right in a sense. With religous cola drinkers who have a loyal brand and probably are the biggest spenders for that brand, advertising efforts are not going to switch Coke drinkers to Pepsi and Pepsi drinkers to Coke.

It does seem absurd, and that it is why it is hilarious, that Pepsi would stop advertising. I still remember the little Pepsi girl who's voice turned into an old man's voice in an advertisment for Pepsi. They obviously have created great ads that stick in people's minds years after, and advertising is a huge part of the brand and buisness.

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