Thursday, September 17, 2009

Twitter...popular among all ages?

I must say, this spring when Twitter exploded into the MEGA-social-networking site that it now has been for the past few months, I didn’t get it. What’s the big deal? Status updates on Facebook are enough for me; I don't care what you're doing every second of every day. I hardly have time to think about what I'M doing during the day, much less follow friends, celebrities, companies, television stations, and whoever else. Recently, though, a friend told me about this person on Twitter that I just HAD to check out because his tweets are just “SOOOOOOO hilarious”. So I did, and as it turns out, this man is quite possibly the funniest man I’ve ever…not heard…not seen…followed?
The account was made by Justin a 29 year old who lives with his 73 year old father. He posts only funny quotes that his dad says in passing throughout the day. Check it out!

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