Friday, September 25, 2009

Latarian wants to do hoodrat things with his friends.

Yes, in some U.S. cities they have lowered the legal driving age down to just 7 years old. Well at least in 7 year old Latarian Milton's world. Latarian is the lastest 7 year old to get behind the wheel for a joyride. When I heard this story I thought it was a joke. Let alone did I even think it was possible. When I first watched this story on youtube I couldn't help but laugh. Not only do 7 year olds still cars now but they also smoke cigarretts. This story attracted so much human interest that it managed to make national news a few months back. The funniest parts of it all are the quotes they got from Latarian himself. I'm not going to spoil this for you all so just watch the video. If you thought you were a hell raiser when you were 7; you have officially been out done by Latarian Milton. So when you are out there on those roads beware of the 7 year old who might cut you off or tailgate you. He's just wants to do hoodrat things with his friends.

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